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WRP - Parma
Art and creativity to fight the pollution caused by single-use plastics.

Over 3000 "dotted" bottles - 50
  volunteers - 200 square meters  set up - hundreds of thousands of dots for one big idea shared and aimed at focusing attention on the environmental problem linked to sustainability and more specifically the recycling of single - use plastic.

The project, which started at the beginning of 2020 and stopped due to the Covid emergency, included a workshop designed to educate the child on recycling the plastic bottle:
  giving new function and meaning to this everyday object through the artist's 'dotting' technique, making him aware of the problem with a repetitive action such as the obliteration used by the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Each bottle would then become an element of new meaning and composing the final installation.

The time suspended by the health emergency has given way to the initial project to take a new shape and become
“We are Plastic - Message in a Bottle”, not only dedicated to the youngest but to the whole town and beyond.

Each bottle contained a different message, a written thought from those who made the bottle itself which was then revealed once the work was uninstalled, and each participant was able to collect one of the bottles of the installation to discover its message.

Where culture is care for the environment, with your message in a bottle!

Together we create the 'elements'.
Together the elements create the installation.
Together we fight the problem.


Participated installation in collaboration with QuadrilegiO for Parma Capital of Culture 2020 + 21

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