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WRP - Venice
Art and creativity to fight the pollution caused by single-use plastics.
Curated by Pasquale Lettieri.

“We are Plastic” arises from the need to poetically stimulate the collective imagination around environmental emergencies linked to sustainability and raise awareness of the use, recycling and reuse of single-use plastic. The project participated in the " RO Plastic Prize" , Milan, in 2020, in " Message in a Bottle " - Parma Capital of Culture in 2021, and now at the " Biennale Arte di Venezia 2022" with "WITHout esSENZA" . The bottle turns from a container object to an element that holds the content, and it is then used to create the installation. Through the intervention of “obliteration” in Yayoi Kusama style, the artistic gesture generates a new identity of the object.

The visitor pulls away the curtain of bottles and, crossing the threshold, enters a limbo and begins his metamorphosis. Opposites WITH - SENZA bounce in the mind, cause confusion and provoke self / inspection, as an individual and as part of an evolving, changing, transforming society.


Visitors and nature, with their metamorphosis, will therefore complete the artwork during the 7-months exhibition.

In our near future we'd like to glimpse the Metamorphic Posthuman interacting with its reference Macrocosm. Imagining other forms of coexistence and transformation, to create new and alternative conditions of existence aside those we are used to today.


Immersive installation for the 59th Venice Biennale

Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino

FR Institute of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Cris Contini Contemporary

Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose | Fondamenta Nove, Cannaregio 5038, Venice

April 23 - November 27 2022

Elisa's installation is highly welcomed, embraced and strongly desired by the city of Parma. The town that saw Elisa growing and experimenting as an artist . 

We are working  to bring the installation back to the city, making it visible and available to all, becoming a symbol of culture and ambition for all dreamers.

Browse the press review here .

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